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Founder, CEO

Keigan was raised in a small-town where nearly everything you needed you either grew or made. As a child, her mother was known in their community for her home remedies and various concoctions. Watching her mix everyday ingredients to craft creams, tonics, and balms stirred Keigan’s inner creator. It wasn’t until Keigan got older and began her own natural journey that she really appreciated the beauty of her mother’s handmade products. Much of Keigan’s early work was for personal use. Shampoos, face masks, hair whips, and other products she used daily.

During college she sparked the idea to turn her passion into a business. During her first semester of grad school she launched HoneyGoldKisses, the predecessor to Ross Skincare. Her first year of business had many ups and downs, so in the Summer of 2018 she decided to revamp the brand and start over. After much trial and error she is proud to be back doing what she loves, creating and inspiring.

Keigan has now been creating products for the past 9 years personally and the past year as a business owner. She intends to continue her mission of providing quality, affordable skin and hair care products. Ross products are currently sold exclusively online but look to expand to brick and mortar retailers in the near future.