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Skincare is frustrating enough without companies constantly bombarding you with products claiming to give you the flawless, healthy skin we all desire. I get questions everyday about how I care for my skin. Now, I am no model. I have my share of issues when it comes to my skin but sticking to a regimen has helped me to clear up my acne and scars. I am going to list all the basic steps you need to build your own regimen and get the smooth, glowing skin you deserve.


1.       Cleanse

You have got to wash your face twice a day EVERYDAY. Even if you do not wear make-up or put any products on your skin (which you should never just be out here with your face naked) you need to cleanse your face twice a day to remove any dirt or accumulated oil. One of the best all-natural cleansers is African black soap. The internet-proclaimed holy grail of facial cleansers, is quite effective at preventing acne. While a great cleanser, black soap does not get rid of acne. The consistent use will help prevent potential breakouts but will be of little effect in clearing up zits that are already present. Also, it takes time for your skin to adjust to black soap. Black soap is made with ash lye and since most soaps people use for their face are made using glycerin or other product, black soap can cause some initial irritation. Do not fret (unless you are using a certain shunned brand’s version) the irritation will subside. I personally discontinued use after a week for a fortnight then begin using black soap again for my nightly cleanse and a gentler soap for my morning cleanse until my skin became more acclimated. I now use black soap for my face washes with no irritation.


2.       Tone

So many people skip toning because they simply do not know what it is or its purpose. Toning helps to minimize the appearance of pores and acts as a secondary cleanser, picking up any dirt left behind after washing your face. The GOAT of face cleansers is none other than witch hazel. Simple and natural, this toner can be used after virtually any cleanser.


3.      Moisturize


Now this is one I must constantly preach on. Yes, you moisturize before you apply make-up/sunscreen. Yes, you moisturize if you have oily skin. YESSS, you moisturize EVERYDAY twice a day. Moisturizing is an important step that is often skipped or overlooked because people assume it doesn’t matter. Well, it does! So, I am going to dispel a couple of moisturizing myths and help you get your moisturizing game together. If you have oily skin you need to moisturize like everyone else. Your oily skin could be a result of dryness. By moisturizing you can help to avoid to midday Crisco shine. Coconut oil is NOT a moisturizer. Oh yes, I said what I said. Coconut oil has been praised by naturals across the world for the past few years but I am here to tell you, it ain’t worth all the hype. While coconut oil is great it is not meant to moisturize but to seal (think of the LOC method). Coconut oil is a carrier oil so it is heavy and yes, likely to clog pores leading to breakouts. Now, I know your internet fave lives and dies by the tropical oil god but if you have dry, oily, or acne prone skin do NOT slather coconut oil on your face because honey you will surely regret it. Good natural moisturizers include avocado oil and shea butter. Light weight oils like avocado help to moisturize skin without leaving you greasy. Shea butter is the muva of butters but I would recommend if you add it to your routine you apply it after your nightly cleanse.


4.       Exfoliate

Okay, I am going to brag a little, the Skin God face scrub was my first and favorite product. This product helped launch my natural skincare journey and business. Now, back to the knowledge. Exfoliating removes dead skin, exposing the glowing skin underneath. Dead skin can leave your face looking dull. Also, exfoliating will help reduce the appearance of any dark spots or acne scars by removing dead skin cells. Exfoliation is something you can do a few times a week but I would not recommend exfoliating on consecutive days because it can cause skin irritation.

Other great additions to a skincare regimen that I personally include in my own routine are weekly facial masks and daily facial massages. This should help you get started on your natural skincare journey. If you ever have any questions you can contact me via our contact form.

What are some things you include in your skin care routine? We want to know what keeps your skin happy. Drop a comment!

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