Cancel culture is running rapid these days. It has stepped in and overshadowed nearly all forms of social interaction. The act of cancelling has become a go-to response to any and EVERYTHING. Now, I see nothing wrong with severing any negative ties, but where do we cross the line between removing toxicity and becoming toxic?

I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow facing that we might be the problem but there is peace in accountability. Our world views aren’t always in sync but is that reason enough for us to toot and boot someone? Sometimes, yes but A LOT of times cancelling someone is more toxic than the alternatives. Let’s look at some reasons people have been canceled and if they got a fair internet trial because we all know twitter takes no prisoners.

I’ll use some recent cases as an example.

Koonye…I mean Kanye West


The once talented Mr. West is no stranger to controversy. I believe he fuels off it the way his wife fuels off any form of attention, but that’s a story for a never day. I read a funny observation that said, “Kanye only talk to y’all when he’s trying to sell something”. Well…. they weren’t lying. Every time the self-proclaimed Yeezus is in hot water he is on the campaign trail for a new collection or album, in this case both. Of course, there are die hard Yeezy fans who, up until recently, still held out hope for the once “conscious” rapper turned icon. Unfortunately, the only people willing to go to bat for him these days are people who never appreciated him or his music back when his mouth was wired shut and he sampled Chaka Khan, boy those were the days. His new “free thinker” wave is full of our least favorite people to date, Trump supporters and Hoteps. The past couple of weeks he has showered 45 with unjust admiration, disgraced our ancestors, and compared his rightful lashings to the crucifixion of Christ.


Kanye is obviously out of his rabbit a** mind and too far gone to be saved, as if he wants to be. If he feels no remorse for the his dangerous discourse or associations then why should the public feel obligated to forgive him? In my opinion, this cancellation is well deserved.


Chance the Rapper 


Poor, sweet, lovable Chance has found himself tied to the unfortunate demise of the lost Mr. West. A simple tweet in not necessarily support but openness to Kanye’s opinions led him to the wrong side of Black twitter. See the tweet below:


No offense to one of our Chi-town favorites but a lot of his fan base is comprised of the cancel culture’s finest. They are quick with the verdict and the sentence, sometimes quicker than the story breaks. Sweet Chance didn’t stand a chance with that crowd.


The indie superstar was only being the person he has been his entire career. He’s not jumping on the 45-band wagon or trying to sway the vote, just being vaguely open to the opinion of a nutcase. Maybe we should just have a sit down with our brother and talk to him about how aligning yourself with men like Kanye puts your image at jeopardy instead of banishing him. Sure, he is your friend and you may be protective but wrong is wrong. When you are someone of that status your words hold the weight of influence and we’d hate to see poor Chance get crushed under that weight. Conviction overturned!


Azelia Banks


Azelia, Azelia, Azelia. Where do we start? She’s the definition of problematic. She’s the epitome of contradiction and hypocrisy. She’s more than likely in need of a good friend and a good therapist but we’re not talking about mental health here. She is constantly talking shit about other women but then screaming for women empowerment. She accuses EVERYONE of stealing from her. She makes the most homophobic, transphobic, distasteful, and insensitive comments and has the audacity to be sensitive when someone takes a crack at her. Behind all the madness she makes good points, from time to time. Unfortunately, those views and obviously her music are overshadowed by her erratic behavior and inconsistent commentary. As of late she’s gained a small audience of equally tone def internet followers . Obviously, they are all rather delusional and like to play the victim.


Azelia has been given chance after chance to correct herself and apologize for the stunts she’s pulled. Honestly, I’m surprised she hasn’t been completely canceled and forgotten at this point. Somebody, anybody just delete her PERIODT.


Bruno Mars


The smoothest little moonwalker this generation has ever seen is cancelled!? Say it ain’t so! Seriously, Bruno is one of the least problematic celebrities to grace the stage since Beyoncé but that’s not good enough for the cancel crew. His odes to Morris Day and Michael Jackson got the internet judges panties in a bunch. “He gets paid off Black culture, he’s a vulture.” Well so is the entire Kardashian klan but ya’ll still buying their makeup and any cheaply made clothes they promote [insert eyeroll]. It’s so crazy that a Latino with a deep complexion inspired by some of the greatest artist and doing their sounds and moves justice gets all this heat; yet the fact that white girls are claiming to be Black and using the n-word like a conjunction gets laughs, applauds, and even support. Wowwww!


If ya’ll don’t let Bruno be! He is giving us bop after bop with no n-words attached or implied. Not to mention M.J. himself is probably looking down on that moonwalk with a smile. Go bother your troublesome fav and ‘let ours alone (Yes, I’m lowkey country. So, what?)

Bonus: for your viewing pleasure here is little Bruno’s mean moonwalk (2:33).


So next time you see someone being canceled, whether they are regular people or celebs, think critically about whether the sentence fits the crime. As a people we should approach each other with the intent to teach, not immediately attack or dispel. If they chose not to pick up what you’re putting down, well that’s on them. If the behavior continues…you know what to do, “CANCEL THAT B***H!”

Keigan Ross