Yea, I took the summer off just to get it right


More like half the year but you get it!

First and foremost, shout out to all the customers that have been holding me down for the past six months! Ya’ll are appreciated in a big way!

Six months is a long time to go on hiatus, I know, but that time has been spent re-centering, refocusing, and re-strategizing my life and my business. I’m not going to lie to you, working for yourself can be fun but it is not a cakewalk. Entrepreneurship is hard. The ups and downs of running a business or starting a business for that matter can be discouraging, overwhelming, allat (do not come for my Southern grammar!) At the end of most days it’s hard to distinguish your successes from your failures. The emotional rollercoaster that you are taken on while pursuing a dream can be so many things in so many moments BUT worry not, because amongst all that self-employed angst is hope. Hope that you can do anything. Hope that all the sacrifices and hard work will pay off. Hope that whatever you are putting into the world or whatever you hope to accomplish are on the other side of those pitfalls.

Let me catch you up on where I’ve been and where we’re going.

Well, I finished my masters, for one. I started graduate school the same semester I decided to start a business, so this has been quite the ride. The 18 months spent juggling all my many obligations was a real learning experience. Amid all the excitement, the physical store where my products were being sold closed. A lot, right? Of course, that wasn’t it. I also got a new position working with the federal government which is totally awesome but that meant packing up my life and relocating.

Now here we are, just about settled in my new home and job, done with school, and more focused than ever. I took the time off to reevaluate my products and logistics. I feel like now I’m prepared to run a business and some days the world. So, where are we going from here?

·       Firstly, we are brand new. New name. New face. New products. Same Ross. Looking at the products we offered and the mission we were formed by, it was time to do some major revamp. Make things better for our beloved clients and hopefully the planet.

·       Secondly, we are becoming more active. When I say active I mean online, in the community, with our audience. Anyone who knows me knows I am very private, but they can also tell you that to know me is to love me. So, Ross is about to open and share the love. Just be ready to see a lot of us!

·       Thirdly, we are working to take this thing global baby! Starting small our first true method of supplying goods was old school delivery. Yes, your girl used to peddle body scrubs out the Mustang. I have been thinking of the next steps in expanding for a while and the only logical move is to take our talents international. We will now be offering shipping to US, US territories, and Canada. The rest of the world is up next!

·       Lastly, we are taking it nice and slow. As much as we really want to drop all our new products, we aren’t going to rush. One thing 2018 has taught us is to trust the process, and that’s exactly what we plan to do.

As we jump into the new year with a new attitude, we hope you join us on this journey!

Keigan RossComment