The Brand


Who we are

At Ross, we live by the motto, “Keep it simple, keep it good.” We are a small all-natural beauty company that cares about a number of things but most importantly, you. Our customers are our number one focus and inspiration. We got our start with handmade goods being sold in-person. We were built on face-to-face interaction and even though our new home is online we strive to maintain the same level of intimacy with our customers.

what we stand for

Our values are health, wellness, education, and service. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality, affordable, all-natural products that we can produce. We craft each product with the needs and preferences of our consumers in mind. From our products to our packaging, we strive to create better skincare and a better world. Packaged and shipped in recyclable materials, our products aren’t just good for our clients but the planet as well. If you want more information on materials used visit our FAQ or resources pages. Everyday we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers and continue our mission of bettering our planet and the lives of others. We hope you join us on our journey!


The Creator


Founder, CEO

Keigan was raised in a small-town where nearly everything you needed you either grew or made. As a child, her mother was known in their community for her home remedies and various concoctions. Watching her mix everyday ingredients to craft creams, tonics, and balms stirred Keigan’s inner creator. It wasn’t until Keigan got older and began her own natural journey that she really appreciated the beauty of her mother’s handmade products. Much of Keigan’s early work was for personal use. Shampoos, face masks, hair whips, and other products she used daily. Originally, she didn’t consider turning her passion into a business but as she realized the lack of diversity and quality among products on the market she decided that she should be someone to offer an alternative to pricey competitors to meet the needs of those who were more conscious of what they put on and in their bodies as well as individuals who desire quality products but are on a budget. Keigan has now been creating products for the past 9 years personally and the past year as a business owner. She intends to continue her mission of providing quality, affordable skin and hair care products. Ross products are currently sold exclusively online but look to expand to brick and mortar retailers in the near future.